Peopleline - Recruitment

From the birth date of the rebrand launch to present day, PeopleLine broadened their reach to contracts internationally + gained 750% improvement within social media channels.

With PeopleLine I wanted the feel to be a fresh approach to recruitment, emphasising the use of the mobile search feature + the range of roles offered nationwide. Within the mobile design we took advantage of withholding the brand identity but also giving a slightly different look/platform for the business. Reinforcing the ideal of really finding the job that makes you happy.

It was important for the company to start distinguishing themselves from the crowd. As the business had so many sectors, I decided to take advantage of this, also of how many characters + looks could be created gaining PeopleLine’s notoriety amongst its adversaries.

So I personally drew + created bespoke characters for targeted online marketing campaigns. Our in-house illustrator specifically sketched these designs up. The friendly range of characters was a driving force in taking PeopleLine’s brand identity forward.

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